Bare necessities – toiletries for a gay getaway!

Picture this: your friend from has surprised you and arranged a weekend getaway. Before you dash to somewhere nice and warm, you need to pack – but in a hurry! Instead of panicking, check the checklist we prepped for you.

  1. Toothpaste and toothbrush, optional: floss and mouthwash

The basic of the basics – you can wash with soap and cold water, but you can’t substitute a good tooth brushing!

The smile of a man about to be kissed!

  1. Razors and shaving foam, optional: aftershave lotion

Some people can pull out the five o’clock shade or five day beards and look absolutely stunning. For the rest of us who simply look like cavemen after 24 hours of facial hair growth, razors are a welcoming sight. Have one or two disposable ones for these situations and just put them in your toiletries bag when needed!

Work it, b**ch.

  1. Deodorant, optional: perfume

Smelling nicely is the mother of all preconditions; if you want to seduce a guy, you can hardly do it while smelling like your unwashed gym socks (unless there’s a special kind of fetish involved, but let us not go there).

Sorry, Terry, we’ll pass.

  1. Shower gel, optional: shampoo and conditioner

If you’re shaving your head like my husband, you’re in luck: you need only a shower gel and that’s about it. But if your long mane needs to be rejuvenated with lotions and potions containing virgin’s blood and fairy dust, don’t forget to pack them lest you want to look like magpies nested in your hair.

Soap will do nicely too!

Honorable mentions: nail clippers (if it’s just weekend, do the clipping before you leave), fluid for contacts (you don’t wanna be half blind on your blind date) and wet tissues (always come in handy).

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