Best gay saunas in Europe: Zagreb and Sofia!

Zagreb and Sofia don’t usually top the lists of best travel destinations – but both cities offer magnificent opportunities for gay travelers. Zagreb is close to Croatian Riviera, so it’d be great to visit it during summer and head down to Istria or Dubrovnik (yes – it’s a place where THE GAME OF THRONES is being filmed). On the other hand, Sofia is full of muscular, dark haired and tanned Bulgarians who are just waiting to be ogled at! can help you in both cases – and we can give you a presentation of gay saunas in both cities!

Saunas: healthy, fun and sexy!

There is only one gay sauna in Zagreb, but it’s a great little place: Sauna Bumerang. Bumerang has both Finnish and regular sauna, private cabins and a bar, and Monday and Friday are discount days (almost 50% off). The staff is friendly, the usual visitors too.

Boomerang sauna, Zagreb

Boomerang sauna, Zagreb


Sofia’s very own Taragon Steam Gay Sauna is a bit small – but nevertheless cozy. Its opening hours are Thursday – Sunday from 16:00 till 22:00. The important bit of information about Taragon is how to gain entry – there’s a white doorbell on the door, which you need to ring in order to enter. Besides this cloak and dagger element, Taragon is very pleasant, visited mainly by vacationing foreigners and hot local guys!

Taragon, Sofia

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