News flash: Mass resignation from LDS Church!

We guess that LDS (colloquially known as Mormon Church) will probably call 14th and 15th of November the black weekend – over 1500 people in Salt Lake City stopped by the church to give their letters of resignation. In a shocking move, thousands of people who consider themselves Moron and adhere to the principles of faith, decided to quit church due to its view of homosexuality and LGBT rights.

Mass resignation from the Mormon Church.


The pebble which started the avalanche was the Church’s announcements that children of same-sex parents won’t be able to be baptized in the church. Attorney Mark Naugle spearheaded the protest and resignation, originally scheduled to happen on November 14th. During the weekend, many more joined, voicing their protest over the Church’s decisions.

People responded and decided to quit the Church.

One of the organizers stated “The people in the Mormon Church are finding that this is not a Christ-centered policy. This is a policy that is about the people at the top, and their views and prejudices, and they are not thinking through what this will do long-term to families.” A gay member of the Mormon Church stated: “We don’t want to support them because they don’t support us”.

Protesters were very vocal with their opinions.


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