Thanksgiving decoration ideas!

Thanksgiving weekend is always so special: you get a few days off; you can travel or have fun with friends! While can help you with finding (boy)friends, we can also help you with a few handy ideas for Thanksgiving decorations!

A very gay Thanksgiving!

Hm, that’s some wish they got there!

A wonderful idea for a welcome board – you cannot simply usher guests inside like a brute! In addition, you can have I am grateful board so they can leave their thanks once they come inside.

Simple, reusable, adorable.

Ask your guests to write something.

Another, brighter version of Welcome sign.

Presumably, you’ll have a few candles during Thanksgiving. Why don’t you kick it up a notch and make cute and adorable decorations out of them? You can slice a few oranges and put the slices around the candles (that will also give away that wonderful citrus smell), or decorate your existing candle holders with autumn leaves!

Orange candle holders.

Thanksgiving candle holders.

As for the table, we have a few tips: walnut shells can be used for salt and pepper! You can make your own turkey cups (plastic cups with duct-taped paper which serves as turkey’s tail), and you can mark the seating arrangements with hand-made apple cards!

An apple a day…

Turkey drinks.

Very original and unique spice cups.

Nothing screams Thanksgiving like a good cornucopia. You can make your own out of ice-cream cones or just buy something from the store – but it’s the personal touch that counts! And remember, say you’re thankful to your new friends from!

Thanksgiving cornucopia.

Thankgiving decoration


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