Long live Ireland: Gay marriage is legal!

From now on, 16th of November is a special date for all same-sex couples in Ireland – the same-sex marriages became legal! Our favorite island nation (sorry UK, you don’t have Colin Farrell, and even Pierce Brosnan is Irish) legalized gay marriages by a popular vote – the only country to go down that road so far. Back in May this year the Ireland voted, and it seems that the famous luck of the Irish helped LGBT Irish-men and –women this time.

Whilst it’s still not know when and where the first wedding between same sex couples will be held, the law has a greater meaning for scores of people who got married abroad. Specifically, the same sex partners who were married in other countries are now automatically legally married in Ireland.

Other nations are green with envy.

Although the Catholic Church and other religious groups have spearheaded a campaign against the law, the Ireland has spoken in favor of gay marriage with 62% of voters saying yes. People who are already in civil partnerships may choose to get married, but couples cannot apply for civil partnerships from now on – only for marriage.

We most definitely will!


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