Celebrity takes on gay rights and image

Gay people identify themselves with the colors of the flag below. It is the emblem that unites all the people that have sexual orientation that is not straight. Celebrities are not left behind in supporting the image of gay people in America and across the world.

This gay flag has rainbow colors a sign of equality for all kinds of people.

There are several celebrities who have been identified as gay even without their confessions. Some are flattered while others get pissed off with such allegations.  The Guardian mistakenly identified Patrick Stewart as gay in one of their 2014 articles. This flattered him, according to the response he gave. It might have been a way of accepting that he is gay, though indirectly. The X-Men star said that he was ultimately very proud of the assumption that the Guardian had. That appeared in an article dated 17th February. Jokingly, when responding to some tweets, he said that he had about five or seven friends who are hetero and would always eat chicken wings and drink beer with. He did take this gaffe in stride.


The photo above can confirm that there is a possibility of Stewart being gay. He might have taken the photo without any ill intention of touching the shoulder but many can mistake that for some emotional attachment between the two.

Matthew Lilliard seems to be in a jovial mood dressed for party in a black neck tie.

He is the man that the media mistakes or assumes might be in relationship with Patrick Stewart.

He did not get upset or stuffy about people being careless when doing research. However, he was known to support gays, lesbianism, transgender and bisexuality which he claimed came naturally. The actor is always seen opposite Matthew Lilliard and Carla Gugino, something that can lead to assumptions that he is gay.

Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino

The photo shows Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino passionately kissing.
The image above confirms that Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman are lesbians. They were exchanging a passionate kiss in a video that was uploaded on Youtube for a challenged dubbed ALS bucket challenge.

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