From Russia with love: Things to see in Moscow! (I)

While Moscow isn’t exactly the gay-friendliest city on Earth (that title goes either to San Francisco or Amsterdam), Moscow’s history, culture and fine arts are reasons enough for a visit. And thanks to all of’s members from Russia, you can easily find a travel mate who speaks Russian perfectly!

Rainbow over Kremlin.

The very first thing on our list of must-see things in Moscow would have to be St. Basil’s Cathedral. Yes, everyone’s gonna say Red Square, Moscow Metro and Kremlin – and they are beautiful and worthy of a visit – but St. Basil’s looks like something right out of a fairy tale. And fairy tales have their fair share of gore and horror: legend has it that Ivan the Terrible blinded the architects after completion so they couldn’t build anything more beautiful.

St Basil: a cathedral of magical beauty.

We all know that diamonds are girl’s best friends – and nothing contributes to that saying like the State Diamond Fund! Founded by Peter the Great and also called Almazny Fond, it displays countless precious gems, jewels and other items of imperial Russia. It’s located in Armoury Museum building and your Russian friend from will surely know where to buy tickets and what to show you.

Only in Russia: the diamond museum.

The State Tretyakov Gallery differs from the rest of our list in that it wasn’t imperial or Soviet doing – it was a legacy of a wealthy merchant Pavel Tretyakov. He founded it and later donated his private collections to the city of Moscow. Today, Tretyakov Gallery displays most important art from all of Russia and houses countless beautiful and exquisite exhibits.  

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

But we don’t want you to spend your entire stay in Moscow indoors – visiting Aptekarsky Ogorod is an excellent opportunity to get some fresh air and see the glory of mother nature in full bloom. Aptekarsky Ogorod (meaning Apothecary’s Garden) has thousands of blooming plants, three greenhouses, plenty of benches, as well as number of cute restaurants where you and your friend can share a drink over lunch!

Apothecary’s Garden – nature’s beauty in the heart of Moscow!

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