Best gay saunas in Europe: Budapest!

When it comes to travel, Hungary has a lot to offer. Historical monuments, wild parties, great prices… and a sizeable gay scene where you can cruise, drink, party and have fun all night long! Not to mention a few actors in adult entertainment business who are Hungarian as well as titles like Hung(a)ry For Men who brought us closer to this charming central European country. Thanks to you can easily find a travel buddy and arrange a trip – and if saunas are your forte, here’s the list of our favs!

Magnum, Budapest

Szauna 69 is also quite popular in Budapest – it has infrared and Finnish sauna, tanning booths, massages and other comfy services. Opening hours vary (usually at least by 1AM) and you cannot book a massage via phone or email – you have to do it in person. Otherwise, Szauna 69 is a pleasant experience.  

Szauna 69, Budapest


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