Best leather & fetish clubs: Paris!

The City of Light has worked hard to earn its sobriquet – Eiffel tower and Louvre are reasons enough to arrange your travel thanks to and head to France – but what happens if you want something new and wild? We’ve shortlisted a few of the finest leather, rubber and fetish clubs in Paris for you!

Le Mensch (the men) promised us fun and excitement – and delivered that in abundance. With suggestive interior (exposed pipes, medieval stone) and proper equipment (slings, cabins, bar area), Le Mensch is perfect if you like it rough, tough and on the leather side of things.

Le Mensch, Paris.

Denim, latex, leather and nude come together to form The Bunker – and The Bunker is our favorite child of underground gay scene in Paris. It has everything you can possibly wish for: cabins, tables, showers, prison, holes, bar… and quite a few other things whose purpose we couldn’t discern, owning to the fact we don’t speak French. Not being familiar with the language of diplomats and fine arts wasn’t a hindrance – The Bunker was built on the premise of enjoyment, not one of small talk.

The Bunker.

Full Metal opens its doors to: underwear, leather, skinheads, uniform, rubber fans and nudists.

Full Metal (no alchemist), Paris.

Dungeons without dragons: Full Metal.

Honorary mentions

  • La Mine: cruise and fetish, theme nights;
  • Krash: a bit too hardcore for our taste;
  • L’Impact: 100% nude gay bar.

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