Fresh spice rack (I): Brighten your kitchen!

Are you getting ready to have a guest from And you want to cook everything yourself in order to impress your guest? Store-bought spices are fine, but nothing brings that homely feeling like freshly grown parsley in your salad or mint in your mojito; not to mention various health benefits you’ll get from eating organic herbs. With that in mind, how can you make your own fresh spice rack?

Planks, steel strip and a bit of love.

This low-cost DIY type of fresh spice rack utilizes two wooden planks, a bit of steel strip and a few nuts and bolts. You can permanently fix the jars onto planks, or use nuts and bolts to open the strips and take out the jars.

Buckets and towel hangs.


The downside of these types of fresh spice racks is the fact that they need a wall for mounting. Not everyone has spacious, well lit kitchen with enough space on the walls.

Window spice rack.

On the other hand, if you have a window you’re not using too often, you can hang a few jars or pots for your fresh herbs and spices – you can leave the drapes open during the day and close them at night in order to have more privacy.

Balcony and fresh herbs.

You have a balcony, terrace or front/back porch? You can put your plants your herbs in window pots!

The usual window pots.

And if space limits you, use windowsill for pots of your favorite spices and herbs. It’s easier than it looks!

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