Book addiction: Gay travel reading!

If you’ve just met someone on, planned a trip and are now shivering with anticipation – you’d be wise to read a good book. Yeah, you’re going to have a bunch of excuses, like books are too bulky and I can’t concentrate during travel. Well, there are AI Reader, Calibre and Aldiko, and we’re not suggesting reading War and Peace – a bit of light gay romance will do you good!

Scoop: Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop

To sum Scoop in one sentence: Jeff and Dean abandon their corporate UK lives and move to Wisconsin to run an old ice cream store. Sounds like fiction? Nope, every word of it is true; Jeff brings us together on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, pushing one’s boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone, while maintaining light and humorous style that’ll keep you flipping the pages.

Valor on the move

Keira Andrews’s Valor on the move is pure fiction, albeit a great one: president’s son is gay and closeted, but falls in love with his secret service agent. The story involved a beautiful romance, blossoming emotions and tackles an always interesting topic of age difference between two gay men.

The First

K.C. Wells’s First is all about finding real love – experience VS youth, emotion VS rationale, city VS country. Younger guy, his first experience, older guy, his (maybe) last chance for love – the First is smartly written, offers some interesting insights into gay relationships and falling in love, and will surely make a great travel reading!

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