Best Christmas Markets in Europe!

When it comes to Christmas markets, no one does it like Old World; centuries of tradition have made European Christmas Markets into festivals of joy and happiness. If you’re planning to travel to Europe or across Europe with a friend from, it’s about time to catch a few of Europe’s best Christmas Markets!

Please note: we’re baffled by the fact that some Christmas Markets are open until January 6th (day before Orthodox Christmas) while some close on December 24 (day before Catholic Christmas), so be careful and hurry up finding that guy on YEC!


We’ve already covered Viennese Christmas Market, but that’s not the only one Austria has to offer. The one in Innsbruck lasts until January 6th, while the one in Vienna ends on December 24th. Innsbruck might be a little off the road, but its Christmas Market has piles of gingerbread and muffins, mountains of decorations and literal rivers of beer and wine!

Innsbruck Christmas Market.


Austria’s bigger cousin has quite a few Christmas Markets which gay travellers simply must not miss! We liked the one in Hamburg – it’s a port city with everything you can wish for: traditional stalls and modern performances, all in one! Be sure to check out Spielzeuggasse (incorrectly translated as Toy Street – it’s actually Toy Alley) to appease your inner child! Christmas Market in Stuttgart has a few centuries of tradition, with several hundred brightly decorated stalls serving and selling mulled wine, beer, food and decorations. And if you decide to tour Germany, be sure to visit the unfortunately named Worms and Cologne which has SEVEN different Christmas Markets. Enjoy the glühwein!

Hamburg Christmas Market.

Czech Republic

Heck, why not – you’re in Germany and Czech Republic is close. Jump to Prague (one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe) and visit Old Town Square where you can buy fantastic crystal (Bohemian crystal is renowned for its beauty and makes an excellent present), have a warm drink or have a sausage (no pun intended, though we think highly of hot Czech hunks).

Prague Christmas Market.


If you’re hungry, Hungary is the way to go: Budapest’s Christmas Market has chocolates, sweet pastry and honey cakes! Never forget chimney cakes in Budapest; my husband always makes a big fuss and buys every taste, while I prefer to drown myself in honey cakes.

Budapest Christmas Fair.

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