Sun and fun: Winter party in Miami!

You’ve never heard of a Winter party in Miami? We need to rectify that ASAP! Winter party, with its misleading name – no, it’s not snowman building and playing outside while it’s freezing cold – is the biggest annual gay party in Miami. Technically, it’s a series of social and cultural events celebrating gay lifestyle; in reality, it’s a series of parties full of hot guys!

Breathtaking – Winter party in Miami.

With that in mind, know that Winter parties are usually held in March every year, so you’ll have plenty of time to plan ahead – find a travel buddy at or someone who’s willing to be your host, and schedule a flight to Florida!



Winter party in Miami.

The party is actually a fundraiser for National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, gathering funds for Florida-based LGBT organizations (yes, people – that means the tickets are tax deductible!).  The hot guys are just a bonus; but let us be honest, when was the last time you’ve attended a part with ten thousand hot guys in swimming trunks who are drunk, horny and always willing to pose for the camera?

Winter party 2015.

You can check out their official website and see all the events, buy tickets and see the latest news. With over ten thousand guests expected, 2016 is going to have the biggest Winter party ever – so don’t miss it!

Even the DJs are super-hot.

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