Back in the days: 1958 book about homosexuality!

You will probably need to sit down – because you can’t laugh this hard and remain upright. The book (or booklet) “The Homosexual Society: A new approach to the problem, including a sociological report prepared for the home office” by the author Richard Hauser is hilarious! It’s also insulting, but it proves how far we’ve got along the road of equality and LGBT rights.


The book is hilarious: it lists various “types” and “kinds” of homosexual men which range from:

  • married, in all three classes,
  • young bisexuals,
  • demoralized married men, whatever that might be,
  • pub type – we suspect this is a UK-only phenomenon,
  • club type – maybe this is the pub type gone global?

  • alcoholic – must be all those cocktails?
  • abnormal – if we established that homosexual guys are already abnormal, how can there be abnormal abnormal? Is that normal?
  • toucher,
  • cottage type – United Kingdom, do you have anything you’d like to admit?

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