Fun times in New Zealand

We haven’t forgotten our cousins across the globe – after all, covers the entire planet, so you can try to meet a guy from Australia while you’re sitting in Europe. That might be a prudent choice, since the seasons are reverse down there (right now, Australia has a pleasant summer, while Europe is playing on the snow). But we’re not here to talk about Aussie charms – we’re here to tell you about the upcoming events in New Zealand!

Bears having fun times.

We all know how beautiful New Zealand is – Lord of the Rings and Hobbit have shown us plenty of fantastic landscapes – but since we’re so used to Australians being the hot guys of southern hemisphere, we’re often neglecting Kiwis. No more, we say! If you decide to visit Auckland in February, you’ll have a hard time thinking where to go!

Auckland Pride.

Bear New Zealand Week takes place in Auckland between 14th and 21st of February. The organizers are planning a lot of fun bear activities (wolves and otters are welcome), so hurry up to find a seat!

Auckland Pride walk.

And if you’re interested in sports, around the same time Auckland Gay Sports Tournament takes place – as well as the upcoming Auckland Pride Parade! Don’t wait too long to make up your mind and make a decision – you need to find a guy with whom you can travel as soon as possible!

Have fun in Auckland!

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