Hittin’ on str8: What guys really think!

We all made that mistake at one point, and we still make it from time to time – we hit on a straight guy! But far from being rude, angry or nasty, there are a lot of straight guys who’d love to be hit on by a gay guy… or at least that’s what they’re saying on Whisper! And if you want to find a guy who is surely gay and wants to travel, it’s time to turn to yec.com!

Even though I'm straight, I love it when gay dudes hit on me. I feel like I have to really be on my game to attract them.
I'm a straight guy but I love when gay guys hit on me. Makes me feel sexy.
I'm straight. Gay men hit on me all the time and I'm always flattered. I can admit when a guy is attractive. This overly masculine society needs to stop.
I'm straight but I get hit on by gay guys far more than I do by girls. I don't mind, it actually helps with my self esteem when approaching girls.
Hearing a compliment from a gay guy means the world to me. Even though I'm straight, I think guys notice more things than girls do and they aren't afraid to say nice things.
I'm straight but I have really low self esteem. Sometimes I delay telling gay guys who hit on me because I like knowing I'm attractive to someone regardless.
It doesn't bother me when gay guys hit on me. I find it really flattering, even when it gets intense. Nice words go a long way. I'm straight.
I'm a straight guy and I gauge how good I look by how many gay guys hit on me
I wish straight girls would give me as much attention as gay guys. Lol
I'm a straight male and a gay guy hit on me today. I just said "thanks for the compliment but I'm straight" he then said "no problem Hun" and walked off. Highlight of my day.
Gay guys hit on me rather often, but I'm straight. Secretly, I love the attention and I'm flattered.

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