Experimenting in college: Guys confess!

It’s so easy to make a confession on Whisper – you stay anonymous but have that nice feeling like you just shared your secret with the rest of the world! Of course, these guys are str8, but they all loved experimenting in college and here are some of their experiences! And if you want to find your man with whom you will travel the world (and know that he’s gay), turn to yec.com!

I am a happily married straight guy, but once in college I got a BJ from my gay neighbor. It wasn't bad.
I'm a guy and I have a girlfriend but the gay experience I had in college is the best sex I've ever had
I had a bicurious experimental phase in college with a guy I met online. Years later I'm married and I honestly miss him.
In high school friends told me they wouldn't be surprised if I experimented with guys in college. They were right.
At college I cheated on my girlfriend with another guy. The problem was, I liked being with the guy
I experimented with a guy while in college.... I can say that it was the worst experience ever.. Or was it just the guy??
I'm straight but I had a gay experience in college at a frat party. I don't regret it.
My college friend and I experimented with each other. I was unaware how big of a penis he has... impressed and scared at the same time.
I experimented with my sexuality a little in college. Sometimes I miss sleeping with guys but I love my girlfriend.
I'm a straight guy but I slept with my roommate a few times in college.
I'm married now but I can't stop fantasizing about my gay experiences in college
I'm scared that I won't find the girl of my dreams because I had sex with guys when I went through my college phase. Now I regret it all.
I slept with a guy when I in college just to try it out. Such a cliche. But after that I determined I am definitely straight.
My wife would leave me if she knew I experimented with my college room mate years ago...


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