Snowmen, snowmen everywhere: Fun in the snow!


After watching all the Christmas and New Year TV shows, old favorites and new blockbusters, after curling up in front of the fireplace (or some other body that emits heat – it’s the intent that counts, not the scenery) and having your mulled wine or hot cocoa, what’s left to do? If you’ve done your homework and found a guy on – great, you’ll have a partner who can help you build a snowman! If you haven’t, it’s time you get one ASAP!

Building a snowman is one of those things that bring us back into childhood and regale our spirits – decorating the head, the face and arms, making him or her wacky and weird, enjoying with your loved one in the snow while the world is covered in white… sounds like the best thing in the world!

And to help you out, we’re bringing you a few suggestions for funniest, most interesting snowmen you can build!





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