Culinary trails of Europe: Best French desserts!

When it comes to baking and shaking, no one does it like the French. They gave the world French fries, crepes, croissants, soups and a lot of other things without which our daily gastronomic experiences would be dull and bland. If you happen to come across a cute French guy on, you’d do well to pack your bags and ask him to enjoy in these French delicacies as a couple!


French pancakes are delicate, with all imaginable fillings, from custard and jelly to chocolate and maple syrup. They are traditionally served with powdered sugar and a bit of butter.
Crème Brule

Baked custard made into perfect – that’s the best way to describe crème Brule. Its baked sugar crust is a delight to look at, let alone to eat. You can find it all over France.
Mocha Pots De Crème

Mocha Pots is actually a pudding made form rich, dark chocolate. It’s ideal as a romantic dessert and comes in handy if you wish to seduce someone!

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