Culinary trails of Europe: Spanish desserts!

When you’re done planning your trip thanks to, it’s time to turn your attention to finer things in life – desserts! If there’s a good chance you’re visiting Spain (or simply want to impress a cute Spaniard with your knowledge of Spanish desserts), make sure you try one of our favorite desserts!


Spanish almond candy is actually of Arabic origin, but it’s traditionally eaten for Xmas in Spain. It’s made from almond and honey, but you can find every flavor you can imagine sold commercially.

Mantecados and Polvorones

Polvorones – wedding cookies!

Mantecados are traditional, soft and delightful crumbly cookies – a gourmet’s favorite! They are light and precious, usually eaten for Xmas. Polvorones (literally meaning dust) are delicate almond cookies which are incredibly tasty!


Of course, we cannot forget Spain’s national dessert – flan! The undisputed king of Spanish cuisine is a vanilla egg custard with caramel, but you can find strawberry flan, orange flan, coffee flan, apricot flan…
Catalan cream

Crema Catalana or Crema de Sant Josep is actually a Spanish version of crème brulee – but we thought it was tastier than the original! Sugar and custard mix together to form one perfect dessert!

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