Salt Lake City’s first gay mayor!

Salt Lake City (our favorite city in Utah) is known for its gay scene – from JAM club to Sun Trapp and its country jukebox, this town has plenty of things to offer for weary gay travelers. But there is another reason why the restless eye of public just turned towards Salt Lake City – it just got its first gay mayor!

JAM club, Salt Lake City.

To be linguistically correct, Salt Lake City just got its first lesbian mayor, since she was sworn on January 4th. Despite the predominantly Mormon constituency, Salt Lake City is known to be quite liberal, boasting the seventh largest concentration of LGBT people in the nation. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Jackie Biskupski managed to win the elections!

New mayor of Salt Lake City: Jackie Biskupski

Jackie Biskupski is a former state representative, and she was sworn in the company of her fiancée Ann Iverson. Though the wedding date is still not known, the couple has one adopted son.

Jackie Biskupski

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