100 years of male beauty in 5 minutes!

They say that every few decades fashion makes a full circle – but we shudder to think that shoulder pads will make a return! Jokes aside, cut.com usually gives us interesting videos and content, but this time they’ve outdone themselves with their 100 Years of Male Beauty video! The whole thing was cooked up by Movember movement, with

Wall Street yuppie look.

It might be surprising for the younger crowd to realize that moustaches and long hair have been quite popular in the past century – more than short hair and clean shaven look, in fact. If you can check their Pinterest, you can find out which images and looks inspired them for each decade; from Gordon Gecko to Elvis Presley!
But we do hope these will NEVER make a comeback!

We might be biased, but we prefer the ‘40es look – sailors, anyone – and the one in 2000.  Check the video and see for yourself – and if you like what you see, you can try to find a guy according to your tastes on YEC.com!

Clerk Gable used to be a star in those days.

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