Castle mania: Best castles in Europe

If there’s a better time to visit castles with someone you just met on YEC.COM (and you really fancy him and want to impress him), we don’t know it – long, cold winter (preferably with snow) is ideal for castle touring! Not to mention that you have all those pick-up lines related to winter and staying warm, like come here and light my fire!

We wouldn’t mind running into these guys during castle visits!

Hohenwerfen Fortress

Austria might not be the biggest country in the world, but castles are spread throughout this Alpine republic like holes in a Swiss cheese. If you’re tired of Vienna (we don’t know how would that be possible, but still), head down to Salzburg and visit castle Hohenwerfen – for something over 9 centuries old, the castles still holds its grounds and charms everyone with its beauty. It has a falconry center (arguably, not the gayest of conversation topics, but it’s still impressive), a museum and lots of medieval weapons. Added bonus: Berchtesgaden Alps are wonderful during winter!


Salzburg’s best castle.

Slovenia doesn’t appear on our lists often, but if you’re in Austria it’s just a short flight to Ljubljana, and there you can arrange a trip to Predjama Castle! It’s a castle built into a 100 m cliff (time for vertigo!) with a rich and interesting history.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia.

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