Caught with pants down: Republican anti-gay lawmaker on Grindr

What’s the deal with the Republicans – it seems that every now and then one of their staunch anti-gay congressmen or senators gets caught in gay scandals.
Besides, when it comes to online dating, we all know that we need to be careful with our pictures and personal info – especially on Grindr, which is becoming a proverbial spy tool as much as it serves for dating.

The latest scandal comes from Virginia – Brad Kutner wrote an open letter entitled An open letter to the Republican House member we saw on Grindr this weekend:

“As a gay man, I’d never shame someone for wanting to explore their sexuality as long as it is done in a safe and healthy way, so I hope you’re getting the chance to enjoy it! It’s been a while since I’ve been single, but you’re a bit too old to be counting on low self esteem to get you laid. Speaking of age, you totally lied on your profile – also tacky! (Google is an editor’s best friend.) I know you’re obviously not out at work here at the General Assembly,
but I have to ask why you would vote against a law which would have protected LGBTQ Virginian’s for being fired for who they love.

Self-hatred is not cute, by the way and is thoroughly an unattractive character or personality trait.

Speaking of self loathing behaviors, why did you vote against the appointment of an openly gay Judge? That vote was less-than-subtle on why and how it was targeted – with several conservative Senate members walking out rather than voting him in – but again, you sat there quietly and let the broader anti-gay sentiment at the GA take the driver’s seat. Now I really wasn’t aiming to embarrass you with this letter, but I just want you to know we’re out there and we aren’t gonna blow you when you blow your chance to do some good for the community.

Coming out is a personal choice, but when you’ve been given the kind of power you now have, it’s pretty disappointing.”

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