Ellen’s hottest gardener!

Billy Reilich

Are you a fan of the Ellen show? Our queen of the daytime TV helped Billy Reilich get in the spotlight thanks to her Ellen’s Gardener segment, and we’ve been thankful ever since!

Fitness model and actor: Billy Reilich.

Because if it weren’t for Ellen, we’d never know for Billy’s out of this world hotness! While Billy has a hip-hop groups The Cream Pies and is a name in fitness industry, he’s best known as Ellen’s shirtless, humble gardener who took off his shirt and landed a role in Magic Mike XXL. He also has a BA in history from Ohio Wesleyan University (and a post-doc in hotness, we might add).

Check out Billy’s appearance on LOGO TV’s awards back in 2014 – in speedos!

Brains and brawns!

You can check out Billy’s Instagram or Facebook to see more of his hot pics – and if you want to catch someone who’s as hot as Billy, jump to YEC.com and start sending messages and finding travel mates from all over the world!

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