Wacky museums: International museum of cryptozoology!

Are you someone who believes in Nessie, Bigfoot, Champ, Mothman and everything else out there, hiding in the woods, lakes and oceans of our beautiful planet? If you are – then it’s best if you find a guy on yec.com who is also a believer, book your flight to United States and check out Portland, because that’s where International Cryptozoology Museum is located!

Cryptozoology Museum – one of a kind!

World’s only museum dedicated to cryptozoology hosts a few hundred artifacts about incredible, yet-unknown creatures (hint: there actually are creatures which were considered to be myths, just to prove their existence later). You’ll feel like a kid again while examining the artifacts and checking out their extensive collection of statues, samples and objects!

Extensive collection of weird animals!

You can check out their opening hours and fees on their official website. They’re also very active on Facebook. Never mind the gay clubs in Portland – Yeti and Sasquatch are waiting for you!

Exhibitions in Museum of Cryptozoology, Portland.

From Sasquatch to Yeti!

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