Best gay bars in New Orleans!


Need we even say something about New Orleans, one of the greatest cities in the US? With incredible cuisine, soothing yet alluring music, energy to power entire state and social scene that can rival New York, New Orleans long ago became a Mecca for gay travelers from Americas. Here’s our list of some of the best gay bars you can visit during your stay – or you can simply find a guy on who can be your guide!

Cafe Lafitte in Exile

Cafe Lafitte in Exile is simply an institution – it’s the oldest gay bar in the United States; it’s been around since 1933 and the Prohibition! You know who used to visit Café Lafitte? Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote, that’s who! It has a beautiful terrace, excellent selection of drinks and everyone seems to be having fun all the time!

Café Lafitte, where the fun never stops!


If you’re looking for a typical dance club where you can party until the cows come home, bask in the sweat and musk of other guys and simply unleash your primal energies, look no further than Oz! You won’t be in Kansas anymore, Toto – get ready to have a wild night with hot guys all around you!

Oz, magical land of dancing and partying.

RawHide 2010

RawHide 2010’s slogan is “Everyone ends up here sooner or later”… and we tend to agree on that one! This is probably the best gay bear and leather slash fetish bar in New Orleans. It has a bar, dark rooms and plenty of huge bears that are always ready to give you a friendly chat or a helping hand!

Rawhide – best bear club in NO!

Mr. Leather contest in Rawhide!

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