Two gay teens talk about founding GSA!

Gay straight alliances have become almost a commonplace in major cities of America – but when it comes to Winchester, a small Tennessee town, they’re apparently something completely new. Two teenagers founded a Gay Straight Alliance at their very own Franklin County High, hoping to bridge the gap between straight and LGBT students and foster a new age of understanding in their little community.

Faced with so much prejudice: Founding a local GSA.

They weren’t exactly welcomed with cheers and fanfare – but some reaction were just borderline bizarre. While some people wore “straight pride” badge to show their disagreement, others started rampaging how a GSA could pave the way for other student groups who might support ISIS and like!

Is local GSA going to be abolished?

But Josh Dailey and Christian Cox were persistent and endured all the crazy trials they were forced to undergo. You can find out more about their experiences in the video below – and there are lots of crazy stuff to listen to, including: antigay shouts and being hit by a broccoli! Nonetheless, their story is inspiring, to say the least!


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