Gay military wedding starts Internet frenzy!

Remember that hugely romantic police wedding in Spain we wrote about last year? Well, it seems that we’ve got something better this time – full blown military gay wedding! Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, but sometimes the circumstances are so right that the Internet explodes sharing and commenting the occasion!

Springfield, Missouri, was the venue for a very special wedding that took place on February 12th – specialist Shane Adriano and private Tristan Resz married each other in Greene County Courthouse. It was supposed to be a very private wedding with a few closest friends – but then The American Military Partner Association discovered their beautiful wedding photo and shared it with the world.

Happiest couple in the world.

The responses were so positive and overwhelmingly supportive – because they had the courage to go through with everything and find their own happiness. Someone on Facebook commented: “If I could say congrats a million times I would. Do not let anybody make you feel like your marriage is any less valuable than theirs.”

Happy couple.

Thanking everyone.

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