Former college football athlete comes out!

Former University of Minnesota football player Luke McAvoy’s coming out story looks more like a synopsis of a gay adult entertainment movie: a locker room and eleven guys who’re showering! Jokes aside, it wasn’t easy for McAvoy to come out: his teammates were discussing same-sex marriage, and he had a panic attack.

Before that, he has only outed himself to his mother, who urged him to hide his sexual orientation. Needless to say, that wasn’t the greatest piece of parental advice in the history of parenting. After a while, he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to come out to his team. He expected the worst… but their reaction was a huge surprise to him!

An inspiring coming out story: Luke McAvoy.

“I expected them to disown me. None of that happened. Instead, I heard, ‘that takes balls, man’ and ‘I am proud of you!”

Courage to come out was rewarded with acceptance.

In addition, his own brother plays on the team and had a very positive reaction; rest of the team was also very supportive. And while there were some ignorant comments, they were quickly overwhelmed by a huge majority supporting him.

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