Gay ski week: California!

Are you an avid fan of skiing, winter and snow? If you are, you don’t have to chase guys from Europe on – there is a perfectly good gay ski week in the good old US and A!

Yep, Lance Bass was there too!

Actually, there are two of them – Utah Gay Ski Week and Mammoth Gay Ski Week (in California). The one in Utah will be the sixth, while the one in Mammoth Lakes in
California is the fourteenth gay ski week. While you might be a bit late for the one in Utah (end of February), you definitely have more than enough time for Mammoth Lakes – it’s gonna happen from March 16th to 20th!

Mountain fun: Mammoth gay ski week!

This ski week is usually attended by more than two thousand people – picture it: two thousand hot guys skiing, having cocoa and cocktails by the fire, mingling during the events and parties, having fun… well, you don’t have to imagine it if you’re there, so hurry up and find your guy who wants to travel to one of the best states in America!

It’s cold outside so grab a guy and get warm!

Bring your own skies!

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