New Orleans: Gay Easter Parade!

With New Year and Xmas behind us, it’s about time to prepare for the next biggest holiday in our calendar – Easter! And is there a better way to spend your Easter weekend than New Orleans, a city with so much charm and fantastic cuisine that you’ll immediately fall in love with it! We’re recommending you to visit New Orleans on March 27th (Easter Sunday) to get a taste of fantastic Gay Easter Parade!

New Orleans – a volcano of fun!

This year’s Gay Easter Parade will benefit Food For Friends, so there’s a nice charity aspect to it. It will be led by Easter Grand Marshals (you know New Orleans and its beautiful traditions) Deja Deja-Vue’ and Johnny Passion.

Grand Marshals of Gay Easter Parade!

The parade will go through the French Quarter, and hopefully raise more money than ever this year! You can expect to see carriages, wagons, bands and walkers, and a lot of hot guys participating! So it’s about time you find a guy on with whom you can travel to New Orleans and have fun on Easter weekend!

Gay Easter Parade: fun for everyone!

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