Dazzle him with food: Breakfast edition! (II)

Breakfast is such an important meal – it’s so relaxed, invigorating and delicious that it leaves lunch and dinner miles behind! It’s also a great way tocharm your friend from yec.com; make him an international breakfast and he’ll soon become your boyfriend!

French breakfast – we couldn’t leave the French, master bakers and kings of European pastries. Croissants with butter, chocolate, vanilla cream, cheery filling, almonds, nuts… and a bit of coffee on the side and voila!

French style breakfast.

breakfast around the world 6

English breakfast – while it’s a bit on the heavy side, it certainly looks delicious: sausages, grilled tomatoes, black pudding and baked beans, plenty of gravy, mushrooms and eggs… Tea is mandatory!

English style breakfast.

breakfast around the world 9

Egyptian breakfast – let us go somewhere more exotic and serve your darling some chickpeas with garlic, sprayed with lemon juice; add some hard boiled eggs and vegetables, fava beans and other spices and you’ll have maximum effect!

Egypt styled breakfast.

breakfast around the world 8

Moroccan breakfast – Morocco has that delicious crumpet bread (you can eat dozens of those in one go), so prepare to do some shaking and baking. Add jam, butter and chutney, and try to make some pancake bread they call “baghir” – your guy will appreciate the effort!

Moroccan styled breakfast.

breakfast around the world 7

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