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LGBT community has come a long way, and times are certainly changing – something like this was unthinkable 20 years ago. The Mets will hold their first ever Pride Night this season at Citi Field– the official announcement regarding the date and details is yet to follow, but the info is solid.

Citi Field.

In an official press release, it’s estimated that there are more than 5 thousand LGBT fans who’ll be attending the event that night. David Kilmnick, CEO of LGBT Network, stated: “Bullying is still a major- league problem for LGBT youth. Over 82 percent report being verbally and physically harassed in the past year. It’s not only the school hallways where our young people report feeling unsafe, but also on the ballfield. We are grateful and thankful to Major League Baseball for taking the lead in professional sports, including the LGBT community in its diversity priorities and initiatives. As a lifelong Mets fan, I am proud that the New York Mets are not only the defending National League champions but the champion of the New York sports world in making sure
that everyone is welcomed and celebrated at Citi Field.”

One of the first major teams to acknowledge gay fans: the Mets.

Lou DePaoli, the executive vice president of Mets, told to the media: “New York is the most diverse and inclusive city in the world, and the Mets welcome all fans throughout the season. We are particularly proud to welcome the LGBT community on Pride Night at Citi Field.”

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