Time to fall in love with the Dutch: Gay bars in Rotterdam!

We’ve already written about Amsterdam a few times – it’s one of the best cities in the world to visit (doesn’t really matter if you’re gay or not). But if you and your yec.com guy already know the charms of Amsterdam, and you still want to be in the Netherlands, it’s time to pack your bags and cruise the gay bars of Rotterdam!

De Unie
(Mauritsweg 34-35) has superb food – their dishes made our day brighter – and, apparently, gathers the best looking men in the Netherlands during evening (remember, dear reader, that the Dutch are one of the tallest nations on the planet). It’s a beautiful bar slash club, with occasional DJs and live entertainment. By the way, the façade is a work of art by a famous Dutch architect JJP Oud.

De Unie – perfect for a night out.


We wouldn’t mid visiting De Unie on this particular night!


Bar de Regenboog

Bar de Regenboog (Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 148A) – aka the Rainbow Bar – is a very popular gay bar with a friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Check out the dates of cabaret events, and avoid Mondays and Tuesdays – they’re closed on those days.

Bar de Regenboog – servers are hot.


Bar de Regenboog – the visitors are hot too!


is trendy, hip and always in – and it’s been like that for over two decades. It’s more intimate compared to the first two, but has excellent interior and offers a change to have a more casual, quiet night out. That said, that doesn’t preclude you from meeting someone – it has a dance floor and hosts a plethora of special events!

Strano – having fun on Halloween!


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