The closet is wide open: Coming out… or not?

For some people, coming out is a long, hard and complicated process; for others it’s a quick acknowledgement followed by recognition and resignation. But then there are those who have never had to come out of the closet – in the first place! Take a look at these stories from!

I never officially came out to my family. Everyone just accepted it and never spoke about it. I feel like someone opened the closet for me and continued vacuuming or something.

I never came out to my family. They would have had to fake surprise lol


I love how I never had to come out to my family. I just introduced my boyfriend and everyone accepted that it was a normal thing for me.


I never had to come out to my family. They just assumed and went along with it. There was never any question.

I never came out, I just kind of brought a guy home one day and my parents were completely chill about it.

My parents know i'm gay, but I never told them. I just brought my boyfriend home. It felt more than awesome.

I never "came out". I guess it was always just understood. I wonder how many people I shocked along the way though. I don't think I shocked my parents. Haha! They knew.

My best friends sat me down one day and told me I was gay. didn't need to come out after that

I never came out to my parents, but they ordered a male stripper on my birthday and said "just sit down and enjoy this."

I never "came out." Everyone pretty much got the message when they saw me making out with my boyfriend.


I never had to come out really. My mom said "you and him are more than friends right?" I said yes and it was over. All that stress for nothing!


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