Dazzle him with food: Dinner edition!


While breakfast really is the most important meals of the day, dinner is the most romantic meal – because it’s happening at the very end of the day, you know you’ll relax after it, maybe even in the embrace of the guy from yec.com! So, if you’re willing and ready to cook your man an international meal and completely enchant him, hear us out!

Brazilian dinner – since Brazil’s national dish is feijkoada (yeah, it’s a tongue-twister), which is basically creamy, delicious stew made out of pork and
beef, be prepared to spend a few hours in the kitchen. It’s traditionally prepared in a clay pot, rice is a side dish, and tapioca is also present.

Brazilian dinner – creamy, tasty and hot!


Italian dinner – Italian kitchen is so widespread that we already know it’s gonna be pasta or pizza. But, beware – you need to start your dinner with so-called antipasto (starter), followed by the first course (pasta, soup or rice), followed by a second (main) course; you also need to add a plate of veggies. Or, if you’re not that much into that guy, you can just make pizza and open a bottle of wine.

Italian dinner – light but complex.


Russian dinner – Russians prefer lunch over dinner, but that doesn’t mean you’ll disappoint your man with cold cuts and supermarket cheese. You can make a few appetizers (we’re recommending a light salad, since Russian main courses tend to be on the heavy side) followed by the main course: either draniki (meat covered with pelemy, a type of pastry) or zharkoye (steamed meat with veggies). Both are delicious, and you can do the traditional Russian pancakes for dessert!

Russian dinner – draniki as main course.


Russian dinner – zharkoye as main course.


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