Hello, sailor: First gay kiss in the Navy!

Remember when a gay kiss between US marine and his husband went viral and almost broke the internet? Well, we have something better – sorry, boys, but
we’ve got a thing for sailors! And the first sailor ever to kiss a guy after his long sea voyage is Francis Legare!

Us marine kissing his boyfriend – you all remember this.


Francis Legare is a Master Seamen (please… no seamen related jokes, people) in the Royal Canadian Navy who has been away for 255 days. That’s almost 9
months! For those of you who’re not so immersed in naval culture, you should know that it’s a tradition to commemorate the safe return of a vessel with a
first kiss – and Francis was lucky enough to be the first sailor!

Happy to be home: Francis and his lucky boyfriend!


His boyfriend Corey Vautour was overwhelmingly happy to see his, and they’ve kissed in front of the cameras with cheers from the crowd. Only in Canada, eh?

You can check out the full video and enjoy!  Watch Video here!

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