Hollywood stuntman comes out!

Ever heard of Sean Baletine? Of course you haven’t – while we know all there is to know about Zachary Quinto or Gus Kenworthy, you’d be hard pressed to remember any of Sean Balentine’s
role. That’s because he’s a stuntman – a guy who does all those dangerous scenes in movies and TV shows. Basically, this guy’s job is to get stabbed, burned, maimed, jump out of moving vehicles and falls on concrete floors and probably gets impaled on sharp steel bars from time to time (no pun intended) – and he just came out!

Proud gay man: Sean Balentine.

Among other celebrities, he did stunts for Jack Black and Patton Oswalt; Balentine came out late in January in a heartfelt post on Facebook. Here’s a part
of it:

“From this day forward I will no longer look at myself in the mirror ashamed of hiding this layer. I don’t give a damn if you like me or you don’t I’m not
the kind of guy who wants to talk about being gay all the time or go marching down the street. But I need to be honest with myself and with all of you. I
need to get this off my chest because this is the layer I’ve never wanted to let you know existed.”

Tough guy with a heart of gold.

“I didn’t choose to be gay; it’s simply who I am. I have been blessed to have fortitude and to not care anymore what anyone thinks. Finally, at my age,
I’ve been able to expose this layer to all of you. I’m perfect just the way I am. And it feels damn fine to let see this layer of my life. Welcome friends,
to knowing the real Shawn.”

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