South American charm: Montevideo!

Thinking about travelling south thanks to Well, we encourage that – Latin America is known as the country of hot weather, hot drinks and even hotter guys! And when it comes to beautiful cities of South America, we’ve already written about Argentina as a perfect wedding destination, but let us turn our gaze towards Uruguay and its beautiful capital Montevideo for a moment.

Montevideo is a beautiful, old city, with that mixture of hot Latin charm and peaceful tranquility of south. If you two love birds are trying to determine what to see during your brief stay in Montevideo, we have a few suggestions! First, Castillo Pittamiglio (Francisco Vidal 638) – this weird and unusual building is a haven for all of you who love conspiracy theories and hidden histories, since it’s got markings of Knights Templar, alchemy, freemasons, weird rooms, doors to nowhere and whatnot!

Castillo Pittamiglio

Next stop: any vendor with chivito! Chivito is Montevideo’s idea of steak sandwich: it probably started as a normal sandwich but someone decided it’d be a good idea to add more of… well, everything! It’s incredibly delicious and fulfilling.

Fuente De Los Candados or the fountain of love is a popular tourist attraction – take a picture next ot it or put alock there as other couples do!

Fuente De Los Candados – fountain of love!

Mercado Agricola de Montevideo (the agricultural market in Montevideo) might seem like a dull experience – but it offers many delicacies, dishes you’ve never even heard of and a chance to see some amazing architecture!

Mercado Agricola – tasty and fun!

Ciudad Vieja (old town) should be your next stop – it’s the oldest part of Montevideo, with plenty of charming cafés and little shops where you can lose yourself in shopping and browsing. When you get tired, try a delicious coffee in one of the super cute cafés!

Old Town – regal charm of old Montevideo.

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