Hot & romantic proposals: Cycling studio edition!

We’ve already given you plenty of wedding advices: from playlists to cakes, from presents to relationship tips… but we might have neglected the thing that comes before the wedding. No, not the months and years of dating – is here to help you with that in any case – but the proposal! And let us tell you – standard kneeling or diamond rings in Champaign glasses don’t do the trick any more, guys!

That’s why cycle fitness instructor Adam Keller decided to do something else for his boyfriend – and it involves a flash mob! The mere fact that you have enough supporting friends and acquaintances to form a flash mob for your gay marriage proposal is heartwarming; his boyfriends, spin classes instructor Jared Marinelli (we’re suspecting hot Italian blood there) will definitely have something to tell their kids and grandkids!

Check out the full video and enjoy the ride – and remember, this might be you some day!

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