Must see: Best LGBT-themed movies of 2015!

So, you’re flirting with a guy on and want to have a movie night once you get together. But you don’t want chick flicks, action flicks and horror movies make you crawl under your blanket. Well, there is a simple solution – go with gay themed movies! You can discuss the central premise, comment on acting and still find the time to snuggle during the slow bits!

The Danish Girl

Of course, top of our list goes to Eddie Redmayne and his superb performance. In a time when transgender wasn’t even a word, artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener managed to hold out and fight for a better future.

I Am Michael

This isn’t your typical lighthearted gay comedy – it’s a drama-heavy, controversial story of Michael Glatze, former gay activist turned anti-gay born-again Christian. It stars James Franco who got a lot of praise for his portrayal, and Zachary Quinto as his partner. Wait, wasn’t that the fantasy we all had when Zach came out?


Last time we saw Lilly Tomlin she was playing Will’s nasty boss on Will&Grace, and that was well over a decade ago! In Grandma, she’s playing the titular character of tough but sensitive lesbian grandmother who embarks on a journey with her granddaughter. With 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s definitely worth watching!

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