Grand adventure: Visiting every US national park!

Those of you who know of Mikah Meyer remember him as a great singer, occasional writer and the guy who started Queer for Christ group for young LGBT Christians. He has openly spoken about his religious beliefs and defended the rights of gay people in the Lutheran church… but now he emerged as a part of something completely different – he wants to visit every national park in the United States!

Mikah is planning his adventure carefully.

Why would a gay traveler want to visit every national park in the States? Sure, they’re beautiful, there are some excellent landscapes and natural attractions to see, but each and every one? Turns out Mikah has a mission – he’s doing it to honor his late father. He’s planning to start this huge adventure on April 29th, to mark the 11th anniversary of his dad’s passing.

Fingers crossed!

If you’re an outdoor type of man and want to know more, visit his site and follow his adventures – or find a guy on who loves nature and hiking so you can have company exploring the great outdoors!

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