Cocktail time: Best brandy cocktails!

Preparing a get-together? Hosting a dinner party? Or just relaxing on your terrace with your men whom you’ve met thanks to Whatever the setting and reason is, it’s always good to know how to mix a few cocktails – you’ll be the talk of the party, and your guy will love you even more!

The Sidecar


The Sidecar is your basic brandy cocktail. It has 40ml of cognac, 20ml of any sort of orange liquor (anything that’s triple sec, really) and 20ml of lemon juice to add that nice citrus aroma. While its origins are unclear (some claim it was invented by an American soldier in Paris during WWI, others that it originates in London), its flavor is undisputedly superb – it’s strong but easy on the palate!

The Metropolitan


Strong, tasty and little known – that’s Metropolitan for you. It’s not one of the most popular cocktails in the world, but if you have a bottle of brandy somewhere in the house, you’d do well to mix it – it has 45ml of brandy, 30ml of vermouth and a drop of sugar to kill the bitterness. You can add a lemon slice for the show!

Thunder and Lightning

Now, here’s a cocktail that can put some hair on your chest! Take 80ml of brandy, put it in the blender with egg yolk and a spoon full of powder sugar (or vanilla sugar). Add some crushed ice and shake and blend until you have a rich, creamy liquid which you’ll decorate with a dash of pepper. It’s quite strong – you’ll think you’ve been hit by a lightning after a glass or two!

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