It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Mac comes out!

If any of you has been watching a comedy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you know that the character of Mac was never openly gay – but throughout the show’s 10 seasons, it was hinted that he had some closeted homosexual tendencies.

Mac – always the cutest one!

But now that the show is ending, it’s finally out in the open – Mac really is gay! The actor and show’s creator Rob McElhenney even put on 60 pounds for the role, not wanting to be an unhealthy role model for the audience. And while the character of Mac always had some interest in men:

The whole thing happens on a Christian cruise – Mac tries to convert a gay couple back to heterosexuality, only to end up being “converted” into being gay – rather, he finally comes to terms with his own sexuality. The rest of the gang accepts the news and gets on with their business – and the fans’ reaction was “Finally!”.

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