Guide to Guadalajara: Gay clubs in Mexico’s coolest city!

Thinking of visiting Mexico’s second largest city? You’d be wise to find a guy on who wants to get wild in Mexico and head down to Guadalajara – it’s a melting pot of irresistible Mexican charm, spicy food and all night fiestas – especially if you want to visit some cool gay clubs!

BaBel Club

BaBel – gay fiesta all night long!

BaBel club
is one of the best gay clubs in Guadalajara (Morelos 741); if you think you know how to party, think again. The crowd is a bit on the younger side, but everyone is friendly with a bit of frenzy. There is a dancing area, lounge area, VIP rooms, terrace for smokers and go-go guys shaking on the dance floor!

Voltio Bar

Voltio bar (1521 Mexicaltzingo) is a well known bar – known for its stripping parties, underwear parties, leather parties… you get the point: less is more in Voltio, where you’ll be surrounded with hot guys of all ages, enjoy watching go-go guys showing their goods and sipping some great tequila (hopefully with a little help from you man).

7 Sins Club

You won’t actually get to indulge in all 7 sins in 7 Sins, but you’ll get pretty close… Their motto pecar con placer means to sin with pleasure – and with a huge dance area and cheap drinks, who knows what might happen!

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