Being a gay prince in India: Manvendra Singh!

While Europe has her fair share of openly gay heads of state (Luxembourg’s prime minister got married recently) and US has an entire battalion of gay celebrities, India hasn’t exactly led the way when it comes to public coming outs. But that all changed when Manvendra Singh Gohli came out – and he came out with a bang, because he’s the only openly gay prince in whole of India!

Singh in 2007, talking about his life.

Singh came out back in 2006; he’s a member of the royal family of Rajpipla. His move wasn’t exactly greeted with pride – his family disowned him almost immediately – but he decided not to quit just yet. He toured the world and even talked on Oprah show, which made his family welcome him back into their ranks.

Prince and Oprah.

He recently made a compelling video message for Come Out Loud, an NGO that helps LGBT people come out. In the video, he talks about his experiences and slow acceptance of himself; in the end, he tells everyone that “Homosexuality is nothing about being masculine or feminine … My simple message to the society is that we are all human beings, we are all equal, and we should be treated equally with others and given our rights.”

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