Cocktail time: Best brandy cocktails! Part II

Some might argue that drinking brandy is an acquired taste – but that’s not the case with brandy cocktails! They’ll all strong, rich in taste and easy to make – so pay attention, because that’s an easy way to impress a guy on!

Corpse Reviver

Corpse Reviver is actually a family of cocktails (don’t get fooled and served the gin version). While they’re delicious on their own, they were originally intended as way to cure hangover (yeah, like that ever worked). With 2 parts of cognac, 1 part of vermouth and 1 part of apple brandy, there’s nothing weak about this one – it’ll shake you to the core!


In case you’re wondering why it was named after a famous artist… it’s because after a few of these your vision will look like a Picasso painting: surreal, confusing yet beautiful! Take 30ml of cognac, a bit of fresh lemon juice and add about 20ml of any sweet but strong wine. Decorate it with lemon and orange, and you’re ready to go!

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry cocktail is not named after our beloved childhood cartoon – it was invented back in the 19th century and named after Pierce Egan’s book characters as an egg-nog variant. While it’s a traditional Christmas drink in the US, it’s excellent year round – you can find the recipe here. It takes a bit of time to prepare it, but you’ll have more than enough for the entire party!

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