Rusel Tovey in The Pass!

We all know and love Rusel Tovey – from History Boys to shipman Alonso, this openly gay actor has managed time and again to captivate our hearts with his quirky but excellent performances. Not to mention those cute ears!

The Pass was a stage show before becoming a movie.

But this time the matter is a bit more serious – Tovey is starring in The Pass, a movie about the first gay football player in the Premier League to come out. Way back in 1990 (pre-Internet era), Justin Fashanu came out and after years of personal problems committed suicide in ’98. The movie will be a biopic slash drama, but Tovey seized the opportunity to urge the other football players to come out.

The Pass will tackle Justin’s life.

I hope it happens within the next few years, it just takes one person to be brave enough to do it”, he said for the UK’s Evening Standard,
Apparently there is a big sponsorship deal for the first big Premier League player to come out, a multi-million pound deal, but no one has picked it
up yet”.

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