You ain’t seen a museum until you’ve seen the Smithsonian!

If you and the guy you just met on are both museum freaks – then visiting Smithsonian will be a trip of a lifetime! But beware – many people wrongly assume that Smithsonian is just one museum – it’s actually 19 museums, 11 of which are at the National Mall in Washington.

One of the most popular ones is the National Air and Space Museum – it’s also one of the largest. It has Apollo 11 command module, lunar space suits and – flight aficionados will have a field day – numerous planes from Boeing to Lockheed Martin!

National Air and Space Museum

NAISM – fantastic museum!

National Museum of Natural History is the most visited museum of natural history in the world – it works 364 days a year and has a free admission! Yes, you don’t have to pay to get inside – except in some cases, when there is a special event. The exhibitions include, well, everything: gems and minerals, dinosaurs, mammals, bones, insects… You can literally spend a week there and never get bored!


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